The Daybreaks

Kaleb Jones - vocals / guitar
Heather Bond - vocals / keytar
Bobby Holland - vocals / guitar / keys
Adam Bokesch - drums

The band (in Bobby's words):

The Daybreaks are an indie pop band that I’m in with Kaleb Jones, Heather Bond, and Adam Bokesch. It kind of started as an accident. Kaleb and Heather had been doing some writing together, and I have worked on a few albums with Kaleb over the years. He asked me if he could come over and do some demos with Heather for these new songs. I fell in love with the songs, asked them if we could do a record just for fun, and at the end of the process, we all kind of took a deep breath and were like “Wow - this has been magical. So we’re a real band now, right?!” And it has been moving a million miles an hour since then. Seriously some of the best chemistry I’ve ever had in a musical project. We’ve played some amazing shows (including a concert on an airplane!), released an album that I am truly proud of last summer, a single last month, and have more material coming later this year. Adam and I co-produce the stuff. He has one of the other rooms here at Pentavarit, and we collaborate on so many projects. He’s an incredible drummer, but also one of my favorite producers, a top-level engineer, and also a freak at keyboard. Kaleb and Heather are other-worldly talented singers and musicians, and their songwriting makes my heart grow three sizes. The way they sing together is like nothing else I've ever seen. It's mind blowing how tight they are - sometimes it sounds like one person! We all love each other dearly, and I think that translates in the music. It really is a special thing, I think. I’m lucky to call these people my close friends and bandmates.
- Bobby Holland (interview for Avid Pro Tools, May 2018)

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