“Stranger” single premiere by Musicians Corner

"Indie "supergroup" The Daybreaks have a lot of love for Musicians Corner, and we love them right back. The Nashville band -- comprised of Kaleb Jones, Heather Bond and producer Bobby Holland -- are only a few months old, but they've already brightened up the local scene with plenty of great music. You can get a taste of their powerful, frequently haunting sound by listening to the debut of their latest single, "Stranger," below. 

Lighting 100 has dubbed you a "supergroup," which sort of makes you superheroes. What's your origin story?

Heather: Kaleb and I met at a studio about a year ago and started writing together. We later demoed a few songs with Bobby, who then suggested making an album with us! We never had any intentions of becoming a band, but once we started working on the project it all came together pretty magically so we decided to go for it. 

What's the story behind "Stranger?" 

Kaleb: "Stranger" is about the end of a relationship and all of the feelings and baggage that go along with it. When we love someone they become a version of home to us. Places we go, people we see and things we do are all linked to memories firmly anchored in that person, that relationship and that idea of home. Sometimes that home gets ripped away. Sometimes we rip that home away from others. Stranger is about those feelings of estrangement in places that were so comfortable before and with the people we used to hold so close. 

What have some of your career highlights been so far? 

Heather: Honestly everything we've done so far since the band started has been a highlight for me. We played our debut show opening for Jukebox the Ghost in Louisville, followed by a run of showcases at SXSW. When we got back, we were the Lightning 100 Artist of the Week and have played a few really special shows since then. We can't wait to be part of Musicians Corner this Fall. That will be a highlight for sure! 

What are your musical goals for the year? 

Bobby: Release our debut record, make three music videos, and play a bunch of amazing shows with amazing bands. We’ve already done so much this year! Honestly, playing Musicians Corner was one of our biggest goals, so cheers to making that one happen.

What are your thoughts on Musicians Corner?

Kaleb: We absolutely love Musicians Corner. It's a concentrated example of why Nashville is so awesome. It's a microcosm of what is attracting people from around the world to visit and live here: Great music, great food, great beer and great people coming together as a community to be a part of something bigger and amazing."