No Country for New Nashville ACME Feed & See show review

...Our first performers of the evening, The Daybreaks, are a relatively new outfit in the local scene. They formed in early 2015, during songwriting sessions between dual front-persons Kaleb Jones and Heather Bond. By early 2016, once they got Adam Bokesch and Zac Stred (of Milktooth) to play on the recordings, they added them to the live roster. Their music, augmented by Heather’s stellar work on keys and her powerful vocals, has an art house pop feel, similar to the band Metric. Sharing lead vocal responsibilities, on Kaleb’s songs the sound is more of a Lumineers vibe or possibly even Local Natives on his falsetto. The two played off of one another very well, utilizing stunning vocal harmonies that drew the large audience in. From the start, it was obvious that all of them have been working hard together to refine their live show.  My favorite song of the set was “The Stranger,” but all the material they played from their yet-to-be-released record showed tremendous potential. Unfortunately, we’ll all have to wait until the summer, which is the tentative release date, to really dig in. Regardless, jump at any opportunity you get to see The Daybreaks live, because we have a feeling this band have a very bright future.